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Libros: English vs. Español

Spanish Harlequins not seen in the USA. (No visto en los USA.)

Lo siento, pero escribo en español muy mala. Para ahora, escribo esta página solamente en inglés. Escribo solamente un poco en español. Vaya al fondo de la página a traducir el inglés.

Libros: English vs. Español

Hay algunas diferencias entre los libros españoles e ingleses. Los libros de Inglés tienen approx. 185 páginas, pero los libros españoles tienen approx. 160 páginas. Los libros ingleses se venden antes (6 meses, más o menos) de los libros del español. Y, hay muchos más libros ingleses disponibles.

I'm not sure who exactly will find this page interesting—certainly, I was curious as to how the Spanish and English lines of Harlequin books compared, but will other people care? I'm not sure. If anyone benefits from the rambling of this page, it might be the bilingual speaker (whose native tongue is Spanish) who is sufficiently fluent in English and wants to "branch out" and read from Harlequin's massive line of English books. Or, it could be someone like me—a native English speaker who is accustomed to the plethora of books available in English, but who now is studying Spanish and therefore wants to read their favorite romance authors' works in Spanish. Or, it could be someone on the other side of the spectrum—a native Spanish speaker who understands English well enough but still wants to keep reading novels in Spanish, to keep the language "fresh" in their mind.

So, what's the scoop on all these books? I'll try to share what I've found out.

How the books compare: (Comparación entre los libros ingleses y españoles)

Harlequin Deseo (Español) = Silhouette Desire (Inglés) "Libros ... apasionado y emocional."
Harlequin Bianca (Español) = Harlequin Presents (Inglés) "Libros ... sofisticado y fascinador."
Harlequin Jazmin (Español) = Harlequin Romance, Silhouette Romance, Medical Romance (Romance médico—a veces) y ??? (Inglés)"Libros ... sentir feliz—ficción romántica."
Harlequin Julia (Español) = Harlequin Romance, Silhouette Romance, Harlequin Flipside y ??? (Inglés) "¡Comedia, cuentos de hadas, westerns y más!"

As you can see from the comparisons above, Harlequin Deseo comes directly from Silhouette Desire. Bianca is also directly from the Harlequin Presents line. The Desire/Deseo books are "passionate and emotional." Bianca/Harlequin Presents are "sophisticated and glamorous." Pretty straightforward transition there.

Jazmin uses books from the both Silhouette's and Harlequin's Romance lines (and I read a Jazmin from a few years ago that was from a Medical Romance!). Jazmins seem to be on the "lighter" side—more fairy tale, sometimes more "tender," "feel-good," romantic and "women-centered." The titles chosen for Jazmin don't seem to be heavily dramatic or explicitly passionate as, for instance, the Deseo books.

Julia is the hardest to pin down—it also gets titles from both Romance lines, but it often picks some of the more quirky tales. Julia also regularly features books from the Flipside series (romantic comedies). And, Harlequin's has re-released some old Diana Palmer cowboy tales (Hombres de Texas) under the Julia line. In general, Julia books seem to be the most unpredictable, but also quite a lot of fun!

The Doctor's Engagement fue traducido a Siempre Amigos (Jazmin).

Siempre Amigos (Jazmin) was translated from a book from the Medical Romance line, entitled The Doctor's Engagement.

Sueño irlandés (Harlequin Julia) eran originalmente la romántica comedia Baily's Irish Dream/Czech mate.

Sueño irlandés (Harlequin Julia) was originally from a a 2-in-1 Duets (now Flipside) romantic comedy called Baily's Irish Dream/Czech mate.

Beauty & The Beastly Rancher From The Circle K por Judy Christenberry se convirtió en Como Conquistar Un Corazon. Estoy sorprendida que es un libro Julia. Pienso que sería mejor como Jazmin. ¡Pero es un libro bueno!

Judy Christenberry's delightful Como Conquistar Un Corazon was put in the Julia line, but it was originally a Silhouette Romance called Beauty & The Beastly Rancher From The Circle K. I would have expected it to be in the Jazmin line, but what do I know?

Muchas novelas westerns de Diana Palmer ahora son libros Julia. Harden, por Diana Palmer, se ha publicado muchas veces y ahora se incluye en este libro grande, Men of the West.

A steady stream of Diana Palmer westerns have appeared in the Julia line. This one, entitled Harden, was translated into Spanish, from a novel of the same name. Harden's story has been reprinted (in English) several times over the years, and is included in this oversized book, Men of the West.

Hay muchas, muchas más novelas románticas inglesas en los USA. En español, hay solamente cuatro tipos de libros: Deseo, Jazmin, Bianca y Julia. En inglés, hay más de 20 grupos o tipos de libros (incluyendo Steeple Hill y Harlequin Historicals). Aproximadamente 120 o más libros se publican en inglés cada mes, mientras que solamente 16 libros se publican en español.

Hay más libros del harlequin en español vendida en otros lugares, incluyendo México, España y Suramérica. ¿Por qué estos libros no se venden en los USA?

There's no question that Harlequin and Silhouette release far more books in English than they do in Spanish. You've got only the four lines in Spanish (Julia, Jazmin, Deseo, and Bianca), which make a total of 16 books a month. In contrast, there are what appears to be over 20 distinct lines in English. By my rough count, this means that there are at least 120 English language books published by Harlequin each month in the USA. (Someone told me that it's closer to 200 or more, but I cannot confirm that.) "Specialized" lines of books such as Steeple Hill (religious or "inspired") novels, and Harlequin Historicals have no Spanish language equivalent in the USA, as far as I know.

I have to say that this irritates me a little (I would like more choices in Spanish!) but on the other hand, I assume that Harlequin has found that it is not financially reasonable to transfer every single title they publish into Spanish. Also, I'm not really in a position to complain all that much personally—I am a native English speaker and I am more comfortable reading in English anyway!

When it comes right down to it, Harlequin releases 16 new titles in Spanish every month. Perhaps that is enough for most people. (I know that it ought to be enough for me—I still read far too slowly in Spanish—I could never read close to 16 books a month!) But still, it torments me to know that there could be more, perhaps should be more . . . Which brings me to the second portion of this page, Books you'll never see in the USA.

"The Gentrys: Abby" becomes "Los Gentrys: Deuda De Gratitud"
"The Gentrys: Abby" se traduce a "Los Gentrys: Deuda De Gratitud"

El libro original (en inglés) tiene aprox. 25 más páginas que el libro español. Leí la versión inglesa y española del mismo libro. En algunas partes del libro español, había menos escritura descriptiva, comparada al libro inglés. Pero, la historia en el libro español e inglés es idéntico.

No sé si todas las traducciones españolas tienen menos escritura descriptiva. Pero es obvia: Hay 25 páginas menos en todos estos libros. Es probable que algo está quitado. Leas más sobre las traducciones con comparaciones detalladas de versiones inglesas y españolas.

The original book (The Gentrys: Abby) was published under the Silhouette Desire line of books. When translated into Spanish (Los Gentrys: Deuda De Gratitud), it is now a Harlequin Deseo. The original book has about 175+ pages (excluding front matter, etc.) while the Deseo book is approx. 150+ pages. That's a difference of 25 pages.

One of the things I've been doing lately is reading through Spanish versions and English versions of the same books, side by side. It really has helped with my learning and understanding of the language. Unfortunately, I've come to the conclusion that some major editing is going on. The Spanish version cuts corners on descriptive passages. Some portions which flesh out the feelings of the main characters are missing as well. I don't understand why this is done. I suppose I have to assume that expense is the motivation.

Of course I do not know how much editing has gone on with every Spanish Harlequin novel. But as the saying goes, "something's got to give." If you start out with 175+ pages and try to fit it into a 150+ page book, odds are, something is going to be taken out. In some cases, this might not be so terrible. I am pretty certain that some books have some of "fluff" and "filling" in them anyway—in that case, a little editing won't hurt them at all. But there's no way to know that this is always the case.

It's better to have a 150+ page book than no book at all, I guess. And from what I can tell, the overall plot of the novel is the same. The books are still enjoyable to read. But some of the writing style and extra atmosphere appears to be sacrificed in the Spanish version. A shame. Read more about the differences between the Spanish and English versions of Harlequin books.

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Not Seen in the USA (No visto en los USA)

Hay muchos libros románticos de Harlequin que no se venden en los USA. ¡Estos libros se venden en México, España y Suramérica, pero no en los USA.! ¿Por qué? ¡Es irritante! ¿Por qué no venden estos libros por orden especial en los USA? ¡Esto es idiota!

If you visit the Harlequin Iberica site, you will be taunted and tormented by all the books that they get there (Spain, Latin America) that we don't get here. It's not fair! I'm tellin' ya, it's not fair! Each month, Harlequin Iberica releases seven (seven!) each of new Julias, Jazmins, Deseos and Biancas. What do we get up here in the United States? Four from each series. Just four. Go look at the fabulous titles available on that site, and feel irritated. I know that I do.

And let's not even get into the SuperBiancas, SuperJazmins, the Oros, all the other lines of novels that are only available elsewhere. Obviously Harlequin believes it's worth the trouble to translate and print these books, so why not make them available to us in the USA? At least let us special order? Something? Throw us a bone here, OK?

Books you're not going to find in the USA:  Libros no encontrados en los USA:

Perfume de pasión (extra de 224 páginas) por Penny Jordan (Bianca)

Great. Just great. A special 224 page Penny Jordan, but of course it's not available in the USA!

Siempre contigo
por Judy Christenberry (Oro)

Yeah, that's right. A Judy Christenberry novel that we can't get here. I feel the need to whine.


Robo de corazones
por Kristin Gabriel (Super Bianca)

Hey, a Kristin Gabriel book sounds really good about now. Oh wait—not available in the USA.

Lobo solitario
por Debra Webb (Intriga)

Gee, I'll bet these are translations from Harlequin's Intrigue line. Sure, I can get these books in English, but in Spanish? Nah!

La bella y el barón
por Deborah Hale (Harlequin Internacional)

This looks like a historical novel of some kind. Sounds interesting. Never mind—can't get it here. (Grumble grumble.)

Well, it was cathartic to whine a bit, but I guessed I've ranted enough. And actually, what am I whining about—I can get all the books I want in English! But it just doesn't seem right, somehow, to know that Latin America and Spain are getting so many more titles in Spanish and yet for some (apparently arbitrary reason) we can't.

La gente de España y de Latin America no tiene una buena situación tampoco. Algunos libros nunca se traducen a español. Hay libros de los autoras preferidos a que los aficionados nunca leerán. Frustración.

But, don't think that things are all rosy for the romance fans who live in Spain or Latin America. They are given the short end of the stick too. As I mentioned in the section above, when these books are translated into Spanish, some of them end up with approx. 25 less pages. I read an English and then Spanish version of the same book, and the Spanish book had portions edited out.

Also, not all books are translated for the Latin American and Spanish market. These readers sometimes have to stand helplessly by and see that their favorite author has written a new book that everyone loves, but wait! It's not translated into Spanish. Tough luck for them. Also, when Harlequin produces a series of books, they don't always translate the entire series for the Spanish-speaking market—only fragments of it. So once again, these readers are left in the lurch. It must be terribly frustrating for them.

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Well, that's weird . . .

Extraño. . .

Compare las ilustraciones de estos tres libros. El libro español de Kay Thorpe (Secretos del alma) tiene el mismo arte que el libro inglés de Penny Jordan (The Mistress Purchase). El libro inglés de Kay Thorpe (Mother and Mistress) tiene arte diferente. ¿Por qué? Muy extraño. . .

The cover art for Secretos del alma by Kay Thorpe (left) uses the same artwork as The Mistress Purchase by Penny Jordan (center). Meanwhile, the original Kay Thorpe novel, Mother and Mistress, (which was translated and became Secretos del alma) has a completely different cover (right). Why did they do this? It's peculiar. Then again, I suppose that they figured that only a pathetic geek (uh, that would be me) who was familiar with both English and Spanish books would notice. But surely I'm not the only geek out there, am I?

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